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Abaco Artist

Hope Town Canvass

     Have you heard of Hope Town Canvas? Many of you may have. It’s been one of Abaco’s most exciting new businesses on the rise since 2013 and now going on its eighth year of business. What started as an idea on a kitchen table has grown into a prominent Bahamas wide brand. Let’s take a walk with them on their journey. 

     We started this business out of inspiration from a pile of old sails in our back yard. Remnants of a previous family business, Abaco Bahamas Charters which was the first sail boat rental company in Hope Town in the 70s.  I would sit and think what could we do with these sails? As an artist at heart I was prompted to create. Self taught to sew and with the help of my husband and family, by Christmas of 2013 we had our first collection.

     The first few years our business grew incredibly fast. We started out selling our product in the family restaurant, The Harbours Edge. We had great local support from the beginning and that continues still. By 2015, we built a new building to be the new home of W Sailbags, our production studio, and a new store front Hope Town Canvas. 

     Since the opening of our store we have continued to keep things on the move. Each Collection we did, encouraged us to do more so our styles and designs grew. Our selling markets have also grown throughout the years, not only do we offer our Collection in our own storefront but we have expanded to other Bahamas wide markets.

     We’ve had a huge success selling our product at the Captains Table in Lyford Cay, Nassau. We also have two venues selling for us in Exuma. You can also find our sail bags in both the Nassau and Marsh Harbour departure lounges. Surprisingly our biggest growth was after the tragedy of Hurricane Dorian.

     Post dorian we were inclined to do big things. It was the hardest days of our life and also the most inspiring, definitely a life and lemons situation. We were blessed to not have tremendous damage to our studio and storefront in Hope Town and with one of our previous employees displaced and living in Harbour Island we took the big leap to open our second full storefront. Keeping our staff employed so they could all get their lives back together was my motivation after the storm. We put everything we had into it and out of it came a new storefront in Eleuthera, Harbour Island Canvas.

     It was really scary, but I also had dreamed of it for years. Harbour Island has always been a special place in my life, so with the chance to have a store there it all seemed like a fairytale.

     We celebrated the grand opening by taking our entire team there in February 2020, it was a success and we had a bright new future. This new store was the building block to keep our staff back in Hope Town at work and to help each and every one of them to rebuild their lives.

     As soon as we opened the world was hit with Covid, not the start we expected but I’ll say we managed to stay strong through it and now we are getting into our second full year and the store is flourishing.

     We love sharing our Bahamian made one of a kind sail bags with the world and supporting the local communities around us. We are proud of our team and their hard work and commitment to our ever growing dreams. We are excited for everything still to come. We dream big and work hard and we are always exploring for the next market. Most of all we are grateful for the journey, for the blessings, and looking forward to the future.

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